Monday, May 22, 2017

Yra Harris on Futures Radio and China's Imprint on Commodities

Some insight from Yra Harris on Futures Radio with Anthony Crudele:

Somewhat paraphrasing:

"If I told you you would have massive carryovers of soybean stocks;  Brazil, Agentina, U.S. record crops, and soybean prices were still $9.30/$9.40/$9.50 you would tell me I'm out of my freaking mind. These are times we would be having $4.50-$4.80 beans. That is the dynamic that China has brought to global grain markets."


Wild Kratts- A children's lesson for food marketers

I by chance caught an episode (note: not something I normally watch) of the children's show Wild Kratt's and was really surprised at the dialogue. I caught the following line:

"As long as people think pangolin scales are healthy I'm selling"

 I wonder if Chipotle or the Food Babe have seen it?

Here is a link to the program. You get the message in the first couple of minutes: