Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Dannon Yogurt Called Out for Misleading Consumers

Recently on Agritalk (Nov 3), Michael Neuwirth, senior director of public relations with Dannon discussed their new campaign to ramp up offerings of non-gmo yogurt products.

From: Dannon's Contrasting GMO Message Fails to Convince USFRA

"In October, leaders from the American Farm Bureau Federation, American Soybean Association, American Sugarbeet Growers Association, National Corn Growers Association, National Milk Producers Federation, and U.S. Farmers and Ranchers Alliance signed a letter to Dannon, saying the company can’t claim it’s improving sustainability practices by turning to non-GMO ingredients."

With this decision, Dannon joins other snake oil marketers, including Cliff Bar and Chipotle, in their efforts to create market share misleading consumers and demeaning farmers.

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