Saturday, August 5, 2017

Saturday Evening Post

Kevin Folta has a great way with words discussing the fake news in NYT regarding glyphosate in Ben and Jerry's ice cream:

"There was a time that newspapers published verifiable information, checked facts, and didn’t simply post the intellectually bankrupt messages of activist groups. The New York Times now double dips to a new low, confirming their war on food, war on farmers, war on science, and war on reason. In the days of fake news this takes the cake — al a mode."

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The Farmer Hayek blog never lets you forget how important theory is....and how useful. A nice point from a recent post:

"It may be tautologous to say that “people prefer their own self interest” where “their own self interest” is whatever they subjectively desire, but it is certainly useful. Focusing on the subjectivity of costs and benefits dramatically increases economists’ ability to understand human behavior. Defining self interest narrowly, such that only objective costs and benefits are considered relevant is actually a step backward, even if it is more consistent with, say, the methods of physicists."

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