Monday, September 26, 2016

Gary Shilling, Bees, Glyphosate and Industrial Ag in NYT

Surprisingly, when listening to an older Bloomberg Masters in Business podcast,with Barry Ritholtz and Gary Shilling, in the 2nd half of the podcast they segway into a discussion on bees and colony collapse disorder....Gary discusses major causes....and its not pesticides.

The EPA finally concludes, glyphosate probably is not a cause of cancer.

Jayson Lusk discusses the environmental benefits of industrial looks like even the NYT readers might learn that modern agriculture is sustainable agriculture.

Shilling also gives some interesting thoughts about the macro economy and the impact of international trade and technological change on the job market, and takes on some of the theories of malaise related to secular stagnation (the idea that we have run out of new investment opportunities, everything useful has already been invented etc.) and other things.  

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