Saturday, January 7, 2017

Monsanto Expanding CRISPR Technology Rights


"Two other companies, DuPont Pioneer and Calyxt, are currently using CRISPR gene-editing techniques for agricultural applications, GenomeWeb reported. In addition, the Life Science Center at Bayer—the European pharma giant that recently made an offer to buy Monsanto—has licensed CRISPR for biomedical uses, but the company’s Crop Science division has not obtained a license for CRISPR/Cas9."

In a previous post (CRISPR Technology and Agriculture) I speculated that companies like Monsanto would leverage this technology heavily with less emphasis on traditional recombinant DNA based techniques (aka GMOs). The article above indicates some synergy between Monsanto and Bayer in this regard in terms of licensing and applications related to crop science. 


How Big Data and Genomics are Crushing the Myth of Monoculture

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